Patrol Division


The Patrol Division is the core of the Police Department. It covers the jurisdiction of the Town 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

The Patrol Division operates in two (2) teams. The A-side of the week works Sunday through Wednesday, the B-side of the week works Wednesday to Saturday. 

The Patrol Division strives to work in partnership with our community in seeking out and solving problems in order to maintain peace, prevent crime, and enhance the quality of life and safety of our citizens.

Civilian Ride Along

The Elizabeth Police Department is committed to fostering strong community involvement with our citizens, who we are proud to serve. The concept of community-oriented policing strives for the building of partnerships within the community to solve unidentified issues. Community Policing is just not a program for us, it is something that we engage in with the community and is part of our values. With this in mind, we invite citizens to observe and learn about the patrol function through the Citizen Ride-Along Program. Please understand that for your safety you may participate as an observer only and will be under the direct control of your host officer at all times.

In order to participate in our program,

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. You will be required to sign a waiver prior to your ride-along.
  3. We ask that you maintain a neat, professional appearance during your Ride Along.
  4. You may not, in any circumstances, be armed with any type of weapon, with the exception of outside POST-certified police officers.

To schedule a Ride-Along, please call (303)-646-4664. 


To comment on your experience with an EPD Officer (good or bad) please contact:




Elizabeth Police Department patrol team:

Sergeant Bigler

Sergeant Sean Bigler

Patrol Sergeant 

sbigler [at]


Alex Allen

Sergeant Alex Allen

Patrol Sergeant

aallen [at]



Jason Rogers

Corporal Jason Rogers

Patrol Corporal

jrogers [at]


Steven Herbel

Officer Steven Herbel

EHS School Resource Officer

sherbel [at]


Royce Lamas

Officer Royce Lamas

rlamas [at]


Lyndi Burnley

Officer Lyndi Burnley

EMS and RCE School Resource Officer

lburnley [at]


Daisy Tucker

Officer Daisy Tucker

dtucker [at]


Josh Hunter

Officer Joshua Hunter

jhunter [at]

Officer Mike Sammauro

Officer Mike Sammauro

msammauro [at]

Bill Tannenbaum

Officer William Tannenbaum

Reserve Officer Coordinator 

wtannenbaum [at]


Craig Myers

Officer Craig Myers

cmyers [at]