Public Works

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The Public Works Department

The Elizabeth Public Works Director is responsible for managing the maintenance and construction of public infrastructure and facilities within the Town of Elizabeth. This includes overseeing the planning and execution of projects related to roads, bridges, parks, water and sewer systems, and buildings. The Public Works Director job description often includes managing budgets, personnel, and equipment needed to ensure that services are delivered efficiently and effectively.

The Public Works Director works closely with Town Staff, elected officials, and the public to address concerns and implement policies and regulations related to public works. As is the case with all Elizabeth Department Heads, the position requires strong leadership skills, as well as expertise in project management, engineering, and budgeting. The Director of Public Works must also stay up to date with emerging technologies and industry trends to ensure that public works services are provided efficiently.

In Elizabeth, the most important task of the Public Works Director falls within the operations of the water and sewer systems.  Safe, clean, potable water is necessary for the health and wellbeing of the Town’s residents.  The Town of Elizabeth has a modern water production, treatment, and distribution system to provide clean ground water to the taps of every Town resident.  Additionally, the Public Works Department is tasked with the collection and treatment of wastewater so that it may be safely discharged downstream without impacting adjacent properties, ranches, and wildlife.  As is the case with the water system, the wastewater system is modern and reliable, and in the case of Elizabeth, operates safely within the introduction of chemicals into the system.

Lastly, the Elizabeth Public Works Director is charged with maintaining the streets, sidewalks, parks, and other Town facilities.  This includes maintenance such as mowing, snow plowing, tree maintenance, but also long-term planning for street and sidewalk replacement, upgrades to parks to meet changing safety needs, and assist in relations with CDOT, the Elizabeth School District, and developers.

Contact Director Mike DeVol at with concerns.