Parks and Trails

Bandt Park

433 S Elbert Street (basketball court, tennis/pickleball court, sand volleyball court, jungle gym, two pavilions with two picnic tables and two benches, one portable toilet)

Floyd O Shepherd Memorial Park

226 S Elbert Street (two picnic tables)

Larmer Park

340 S Tabor Street (accessible parking, jungle gym, swing set, teeter totter, six benches, five tables)

Running Creek Park

500 E Kiowa Avenue (stage, five picnic tables, walk/bike path)

Hidden Village Park

302 Liberty Street (pocket park, basketball court)


Running Creek Park Trail System

500 E Kiowa Avenue (Trail route is from Running Creek Elementary to Evans Park along the southeastern town boundary and can be accessed from several locations.  Map available in images.)



Additional parks and trails located in Elizabeth Park and Recreation District.