Chief Engel

Jeffery R. Engel 

Chief of Police



The Elizabeth Police Department strives to form partnerships with all aspects and neighborhoods of the community in an attempt to address community concerns, improve communication, and prevent and solve crime. The police department will utilize a philosophy of being proactive, permanent assignments, problem-solving, alternate methods of patrol, and personalized policing to reduce crime and the fear of crime.



The Elizabeth Police Department is committed to service excellence in protecting life and property, impartial enforcement of law, and building community with those who live, work, and visit the Town of Elizabeth. 


We will achieve our mission through a determined commitment of our values:

Accountability:  We hold each other to high standards.   We are accountable to our community in being transparent, acting with compassion, and being truthful earning the trust of our community daily. 

Integrity:  We treat everyone with respect.  Devoted to public service, we do what is right not because of self-interest, but because it is the right thing to do.       

Respect:  We respect the merit of others and uphold differing perspectives.  We honor each other and the value of everyone’s contribution. 

Teamwork:  No individual is greater than the team.  We work collaboratively to ensure the safety and well-being of each other and the community we serve.  We support an organizational culture that promotes family, wellness, and resilience. 

Excellence:  We meet challenges and adversity with resolve to achieve individual, organizational, and community goals.  The continuous drive of learning and improvement leads to excellence.  We aspire for excellence in everything that we do.


To provide exceptional public service, foster a healthy work environment, and better the lives of those we serve. 

Elizabeth Police Department
425 S. Main St P.O. Box 1527
Elizabeth, CO 80107
United States

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