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The Town Clerk carries the responsibility for many official duties for the Town of Elizabeth.  The position is nonpartisan and nonpolitical and is a professional position within local government.  The position of Elizabeth Town Clerk is created by both State Statute and by Town Code and is often misunderstood as primarily a clerical role.  The importance of the position and its role is quite clear.  The tasks are dictated by law, or statute, including some of the most basic services expected by residents.  


1.  Professionalism.  A strong, positive professional relationship between the Clerk and the Town Administrator is important for effective service delivery to residents.  Clerks work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation of local government.  Many states mandate professional certification to ensure or maintain the position of clerk.  The international Institute of Municipal Clerks has approximately 5,900 members with active Certified Municipal Clerk and Master Municipal Clerk designations.  The Elizabeth Town Clerk holds both distinctions.


2.  Secretariat to the governing body.  The clerk position is one of the oldest in local government, with its creation beginning when the early colonists came to America.  Today, the Town Clerk is selected for their attention to detail, their forward thinking, and the ability to anticipate problems.  These duties include ensuring notice and other official duties related to the Board of Trustees meetings.


3.  Records Management.  The Elizabeth Town Clerk is the official keeper of records for the Town.  This responsibility includes the legal liability associated with tasks that involve enormous legal accountability for a local government.  While state and local laws and ordinances vary with respect to specific tasks and functions, in general, clerks maintain official documents, records, and financial records for the Town.


4.  Public Information.  Public records management, and fulfilling request for access to public information may, at times, be the greatest demand of the Town Clerk’s time.  Individuals may seek hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of public information for a variety of reasons, and state and federal law dictate that public information and records be made available to those who request such information.  


5.  Elections.  Depending on the local election issue, the Town Clerk’s duties can include ensuring that polling places meet standards of accessibility; distribution election supplies and equipment; obtaining lists of registered voters; preparing ballots in the manner dictated by law; processing application from potential candidate for elected office; properly publicizing election and results of elections; and properly recording necessary information from the election with State officials.


6.  Human Resources.  The Elizabeth Town Clerk serves in the role of the human resources manager, maintaining the employment records of staff; addressing issues related to compensation, insurance, PTO, and related employment matters.


7.  Finance and Budgeting.  The Elizabeth Town Clerk oversees the finances of the Town of Elizabeth, and with the Finance Officer is responsible for the creation, oversight, management, and approval of the Town’s Budget.



  • Board of Trustees Support
  • Administrative Support Services
  • Public Records Requests
  • Custodian of Town Records
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Business Licenses
  • Dog Licenses
  • Town Event Permitting
  • Elections
  • Notary Services
  • Temporary Sign Permits


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