Business / Special Event Licensing

Thinking about opening a business in Elizabeth? Give us a call! We'll lead you through the process and give you all the information you need at our free Pre-Application Meeting. Please contact the Community Development Department at 303-646-4166 to set up an appointment.

Business Guide

Business License

The process for a new business license involves multiple agencies and may require obtaining permits.  This can take several weeks to complete, so please plan the opening of your new business accordingly.

$10.00 on an annual basis. Each license shall be renewed for a period of one (1) year on or before May 1 of each calendar year regardless of when the license was originally issued.

Business License Application

Any person shall complete a Business License Application and receive a business license that shall engage or be engaged in the operation, conduct or carrying on of any retail profession, trade or business within the Town. Any person operating, conducting or carrying on any retail trade, profession or business which contains or is composed of separate retail businesses shall secure individual licenses for each trade, profession or business.
Businesses shall carry a license at all times when engaged in the operation, conduct or carrying on of any retail trade, profession or business for which the license was granted except that where such trade or business is operated, conducted or carried on.
​If you need your State Tax ID number click here.


Special Events

Application for Special Event, Parade or Race $10 application fee
Special Event Street Closure Petition
Park Use Fees