Temporary Sign Permits

No Temporary Signs, Including Election Signs, are Allowed in Town Right of Ways


Temporary Signs Rules and Restrictions

No temporary signs are allowed in Town right-of-way. This includes all election signs and garage sale, yard signs, or business promoting signs.

Temporary signs are only ever allowed on residential or non-residential property. If the property is not owned by the person placing the temporary sign, then you must have permission from the owner. Town right of ways are considered property of the Town and we are not giving permission to place signs on Town property.

You are allowed one temporary sign on each residential lot without a permit. If you require more than one temporary sign on the lot, a temporary sign permit is required. All temporary signs on residential lots that are not election signs are required to show the date the sign is first displayed in the lower right-hand corner. The temporary sign permit costs $5 and allows up to 4 signs on the same lot, limited to 4 times per year. The permit is good for 7 days. Signs must be 4 square feet or less in size and must be made of durable material. (No cardboard or paper signs.) 

Election signs on residential lots do not require a permit. However, you are limited to 1 sign per ballot issue or candidate. Election signs may NOT be displayed sooner than 30 days before the election and must be taken down within 2 days after election end.

All temporary signs on nonresidential lots do not currently require a permit. However, you are only allowed 1 temporary sign that is less than 32 square feet. You are required to place the date the sign is first displayed in the lower right-hand corner. These temporary signs are allowed to be displayed for 30 days, up to 4 times per year.

Banners are not allowed on residential property.

Banners and feather banners for nonresidential property require a banner permit. This permit costs $5 and is limited to 4 times per year. Banners shall not exceed 50 square feet in size and may not be displayed for more than 30 days. Please view the guidelines below for more clarification.


Temporary Sign Permit Application
Temporary Banner and Feather Banner Permit Application
Guidelines for Temporary Signs
Guidelines for Banners


To view Town Code regarding Temporary signs, please visit the Town Code website at https://library.municode.com/co/elizabeth/codes/municipal_code and view 16-12-30 through 16-12-80