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Town Clerk Services

Open Records Request
Copies of Meeting Minutes ..............$1.00 per page
Copies (legal or letter) ......................$.25 per page
Copies (color)...................................$1.00 per page
Copies of meeting tapes....................$5.00 per tape

Dog License

$5.00 for each Spayed or neutered and $10.00 for each un-sterilized dog.
Any person having custody of any dog three months of age or older for seven days shall procure a dog license. All dog licenses issued hereunder shall be valid for one calendar year. The license tag shall be retained by the owner or keeper along with rabies vaccination certificate. No dog shall be licensed without proof of rabies vaccination as provided. 

Business License

$10.00 on an annual basis.
Any person shall complete a Business License Application and receive a business license that shall engage or be engaged in the operation, conduct or carrying on of any retail profession, trade or business within the Town. Any person operating, conducting or carrying on any retail trade, profession or business which contains or is composed of separate retail businesses shall secure individual licenses for each trade, profession or business.

Business shall carry a license at all times when engaged in the operation, conduct or carrying on of any retail trade, profession or business for which the license was granted except that where such trade or business is operated, conducted or carried on.

Business License Application
If you need your State Tax ID number click here

Parade or Special Event Permit Parade or Special Event Application also available at Town Hall

Liquor License

New Liquor License Information
Public Hearing Procedures

Types of Licenses  
  • Tastings Permit
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