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Town Code for Utilities please click on link below

Utility payments: 

  • In Person: Town Hall, 151 S Banner Street
  • Mailed to Elizabeth Town Hall, PO Box 159, Elizabeth, Co 80107
  • Billing Questions?! Contact (303) 646-4166
  • After-hours payments can be placed in the brown secure drop off box, conveniently  located  in front of the Town Hall flag pole on 151 S Banner Street

Key Dates:

  • Bills Mailed 1st of the month.
  • Payments Due 15th of the month.
  • Meters Are Read Between the 13th and the 17th
  • Late Notices Mailed 21st of the month.                                               

New Resident Information:

Contact the Town Clerk for an application for Water Service.  A $25.00 meter deposit for property owners or a $100.00 meter deposit for renters must be paid at the time of application.


Frequently asked questions:

Question: How is the sewer rate calculated?

Answer: The sewer usage is determined by the average quantity of water used during the months of December, January and February.  That average water usage (in 1000's of gallons) is used for determining your sewer billing for the next 12 months until recalculated the following year.  The reason that those three months are used is that outside water usage for things like washing cars or watering lawns or gardens is typically not taking place.  This is the industry standard process in the northern tier states and ensures that customers are not billed sewer charges for water that goes on the lawn and not in the sewer system.  The new sewer usage is calculated each February and will be billed starting with the March 1st billing.

Question: Why are the water and sewer rates so high?
Answer: The Town's water and sewer fund is an enterprise fund, meaning it is not supported by taxes but is run like any other stand alone business supported by the revenue for water sold and sewage processed.  Like most businesses, the water and sewer fund's expenses increase every year.  Until 2015, the water rates had not increased in 10 years, and the sewer rates were actually reduced in 2009.  The large increase in rates was necessary to bring rates in line with the actual costs of producing water and treating wastewater.  In addition, with the age of the water and sewer systems within the Town, maintenance and repairs are necessary to stay within the allowances permitted by the Colorado Department of Health and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for release of treated wastewater.  Water system improvements are necessary to continue to ensure reliable delivery of drinking water.   

Question: Why was my meter not read this month?

Answer: There could have been something obstructing the meter or there could be meter damage.

Question: Is there any assistance for the higher Water and Sewer Rates?

Answer: The Board of Trustees passed a Resolution reducing the water and sewer rates by 50% for those individuals who qualify for the LEAP program through the Colorado Department of Human Services.  LEAP qualification will have to be verified with the Town Clerk on an annual basis.

Question: My water usage seems to be high, what can I do?

Answer: Here are some things to look for that can be causing high water consumption:   leaking toilets; Dripping faucets; long water usages; and leaking watering systems for yards.  A 1/16th of an inch hole in your system that is allowing water to rush through at 60 psi water pressure will waste 74,000 gallons over the course of just three months.  An easy process that you can perform to check for leaks is to turn all water systems to the off position. Watch the meter triangle located on top of the meter. If it is turning at all then you either have a leak or forgot to turn something off. To test to be sure that this process described works, have a person briefly turn on a sink faucet and you will see the triangle will go round and round.

Office Hours Phone: 303-646-0916

After Hours: EMERGENCY ONLY!  Phone for Public Works:  (303) 419-5631

(An Emergency is defined as: Eminent danger to life or property)  

To report non-emergency issues or concerns to Public Works:   mdevol@ci.elizabeth.co.us

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