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Pre-application meetings

As a free service to our businesses and residents, the Town of Elizabeth provides a pre-application review meeting for businesses that are contemplating modifications or new businesses that are contemplating  opening.  This meeting enables existing and potential businesses and developers to meet with subject matter experts from the Building Department, Public Works Department, Community Development Department, and Fire District to answer questions regarding the process and specific requirements.  Pre-application review meetings are typically held the first Friday of each month, beginning at 9:30 AM.  Each project is scheduled for a 30 minute block of time.  

Business owners should schedule with the Town of Elizabeth Community Development Department at least one week prior to ensure that adequate time and the correct experts are available for the type of project being proposed.  The meeting is most effective when the business owner has specific information on their business, such as (but not limited to): type of business, specifications of machinery and equipment to be used in the business, building location and floor plan, menu items and method of preparation, anticipated volumes, etc. 

However, a pre-application meeting can also be used to help identify requirements to help a potential business owner select a facility/location.  This service is available for residential projects as well, however most residential projects are not as complex and can usually be addressed without a pre-application review meeting.  For more information, please contact the Community Development Department at 303-646-4166 or email pgonzales@ci.elizabeth.co.us.