Planning Commission

Meeting times:
1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month as necessary  @ 6:30 PM.
Town Hall 151 S. Banner Street, Elizabeth, Colorado

Planning Commission agenda: 
All Visitors must contact the Town Clerk three business days before a scheduled meeting to be placed on the agenda.
Accommodations for handicapped can be made upon request.

Public notices:  

The Town of Elizabeth wants to remind all residents that all public notices are published in Ranchland News. 


Heather Lively – Chair    
Jayd Wells
Loren Einspahr
Tedd Lipka - Nonvoting member

Anyone interested in filling a vacant board seat is asked to forward a letter of interest to the Town Hall, P.O. Box 159, Elizabeth, CO 80107.

(303) 646-4166

151 S Banner Street, Elizabeth Colorado   80107