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151 S Banner Street, Elizabeth Colorado   80107

Frequently asked questions

1. What telephone number should I call if I need an officer to respond?

The Police Departments main office number is (303) 646 4664

The Dispatch number is (303) 660 7000

There is a difference as to what telephone number you dial for the particular service you need.

If you have an emergency, please dial 911

If you require a police officer to respond to your location for a non-emergency call, you should dial the Dispatch number (303) 660 7500

If you require information of a general nature that does not require a police response to your location, please dial the front desk at (303) 646 4664.

Please note that police officers cannot be dispatched from the (303) 646 4664 number. Due to rules of evidence and crime analysis, calls for service need to be recorded, digitally logged and then tracked.

2. What should I do if I find a lost dog?

You should first ascertain if the dog was found in the municipal limits of Elizabeth. Lots of Elizabeth area street addresses are actually in the County. If the dog is in the County, the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office should be contacted at (303) 621 2027. If the dog was found within town limits, then first try to find out who the owner may be by checking for tags, asking neighbors etc. If the owner cannot be located, then you can call the dispatch telephone number or take the dog yourself to the nearest animal shelter or lastly bring the dog to the police station. The Town cannot accept dogs at large that are found outside the Town limits.

3. When can I have my fingerprints taken or a V.I.N Inspection?

Those services are performed at the Police Station. The Office is open 8am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, closed 12pm to 1pm for lunch and closed on Town observed Holidays. Sometimes, the front office can get busy, and so it is preferred that you call first and make an appointment. Please visit the Records section of this webpage for associated costs.

4. Does the Elizabeth Police Department mail out free police shoulder patches upon request?

While the Elizabeth Police Department appreciates the interest and support, we are unable to provide police shoulder patches due to security.

5. How and where do I pay a municipal Court ticket?

Municipal tickets are to be paid to the Court Clerk at the Town Hall. 151 S. Banner Street, Elizabeth,

CO, 80107

6. How do I comment on my experience or interaction with an Elizabeth Police Officer?

If you have any comments (good or bad) for police officers or any staff of the police department, please contact either Sgt. Berghahn or Chief Hasler at (303) 646 4664.

7. I am leaving on vacation; will the police department do extra patrols of my residence?

If you are a resident of Elizabeth and are planning to be away on vacation, you may request an extra patrol or house watch on your home and street while you are away.