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151 S Banner Street, Elizabeth Colorado   80107

Elizabeth Tree Board

Meeting Times:

4th Wednesday of the month @ 3:30 PM

Town Hall 151 S. Banner Street, Elizabeth, Colorado

Laurie Duke - Chair
Shirley Sandbothe - Secretary
Quentin DeHann  

Tree Board Purpose
Town Code 2-7-10 It is the purpose of this Article to create a Board to oversee the responsibilities associated with advising the Board of Trustees on the general condition of   trees on public property, improving  the conditions of trees on public property, accomplishing general needs and special projects related to trees, and advising on the planting, maintenance and removal of trees, shrubs and other plants within the  Town. The Board is also intended to encourage good and practical landscape plans for the Town, to unify the different areas of the Town, and interest and color to the Town, and make the Town a more beautiful  Place.

Tree Board Duties
Town Code 2-7-30 The duties and responsibilities of the Tree Board shall be as follows:
(1) To advise the Board of Trustees regarding all trees, shrubs and other plants located on public property;
(2) To oversee the desirable trees for planting within the Town both on Town property and on private property include trees which are found to be best adapted to the climate conditions of the Town;
(3) To develop and maintain a list of desirable trees for planting in the Town along with a list of trees deemed undesirable. This list shall be revised as needed and made available, at the Town Hall, to any interested party;
(4) To assist the Board of Trustees in ensuring that existing Town trees are adequately maintained;
(5) To advise the Board of Trustees regarding the existence of any trees on public or private property that may constitute a public nuisance within the meaning of Chapter 7, Article I of this code;
(6) To advise both the Board of Trustees and private property owners regarding adequate tree care, including, but not limited to:
      a. Acting as a resource regarding planting, staking and care of trees;
      b. Discouraging tree topping and the severe cutting back of trees in a manner that is contrary to the public health, safety and welfare; and
      c. Encouraging the use of trees, shrubs and other plants in a manner that is in harmony with the surrounding area and the Town.
(7) To coordinate Arbor Day events; and
(8) To keep minutes of it proceedings


Anyone interested in filling a vacant board seat is asked to forward a letter of interest to the Town Hall, P.O. Box 159, Elizabeth, CO 80107.
Applications will be accepted until seat is filled. The applicants will be interviewed by the Town Board and at the Regular Meeting of the Town Board.


(i)   A resident of the Town of Elizabeth; (ii)  A resident of unincorporated Elbert County;
(iii) A business owner within Elbert County; or (iv) A property owner within Elbert County. 

​​Interested in Getting Involved? 

For more information contact Grace Erickson, Community Development Director at 303-646-4166 x502

Historic Advisory Board

Meeting Times:
1st Monday of the month @ 9:00 AM
Town Hall 151 S. Banner Street, Elizabeth, Colorado

Steve Schindler
Shawn Strain
Cecelia Farin
Bob Dunn

Historic Advisory Board Purpose
The Board of Trustees created the Historic Advisory Board which shall have principal responsibility for matters of historic preservation. For more information please refer to the Town Code Sec. 2 Article VIII.

Historic Advisory Board Member Requirements
The Historic Advisory Board shall consist of seven members providing a balanced, community-wide representation. Persons who have an interest and knowledge of local history and culture are especially encouraged to apply.

Public Arts Committee (PAC)

Meeting Times:
2nd and 4th Mondays of the month @ 9:00 AM
Town Hall 151 S. Banner Street, Elizabeth, Colorado

Jennifer Skalecke
Suzy Sadak
Dan Kelly - Secretary
Rachel White
Aivars Tobis

Mary Blosser

The Town of Elizabeth Board of Trustees recognizes that the arts are vital to the community's quality of life. On August 27th, 2013 the Public Art Committee (PAC) was formed through the approval of Resolution 13R12. The primary responsibility of the PAC is to serve as the principal coordinating body for advancement of the arts in the Town of Elizabeth. 
Visit Elizabeth's Public Art Committee on the web at

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