Town of Elizabeth

Planning & Land Use


Master Plan

Planning and zoning Map

Street Plan

Town Parks Conceptual Plan

Sign Code

Process charts for:



Minor Subdivision


Site Plan


Land Use Application

Land Use Fees

Cost Agreement Reimbursement

Drainage Planning Submittal Requirements


Chapter 15 - Annexations

Land Use

Chapter 16 - Land Use and Development

Article I               Zoning

Article II             Site Plan Standards and Procedures

Article III           Subdivision Procedures and Requirements

Article IV           Public Notice Requirements

Article V            Vested Property Rights

Article VI           Parking Space Requirements

Article VII         Commercial Mobile Radio Service Facilities

Article VIII       Lighting Requirements

Article IX          Uses Permitted by Special Review

Article X            Land Use Application Fees

Article XI          Historic Preservation

Article XII        Signs

Article XIII     Oil and Gas Regulation

Building Permits

Chapter 18 - Building Regulations

Historical Population Information

Population Table